An Interview With Axel Grell – Designer of the Sennheiser HD800/650/600

Sennheiser designer Axel Grell on the Occasional Podcast from Grell Audio.

Axel Grell Has been a Sennheiser designer for many years. His contributions to the legendary HD 800, 650 and 600, as well as the cost-no-object Orpheus project have dazzled the ears of countless audiophiles since almost the very beginning of the hobby. He sits down with The Occasional Podcast this week to discuss his design philosophy and his newest endeavor, Grell Audio.

It is a candid look at some of the thinking that takes place behind all the iconic sounds that have shaped the Sennheiser (and personal audio) sound as it grew into the much larger market it is today. With the introduction of Grell Audio, Axel pushes deeper into the category of True Wireless starting with his launch product, the TWS 1. Do doubt the prolific influencer has seen the direction the entirety of audio listening is going, and the decision to focus on True Wireless is very telling. Apple’s AirPods are nearly a category all by themselves.

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