Vinnie Rossi’s New Look, New Series – The BRAMA Collection

Vinnie Rossi BRAMA Collection

Vinnie Rossi is known for hosting amazing rooms within the audio show circuit. His high-end, but simple presentations impress, as does the synergy he finds with his system pairings. Now he’s upping the game even a little more, with the announcement of a new line with a new look called the BRAMA Collection.

The new pricing pushes the brand a little further away from the mainstream and into premium territory, but knowing Vinnie, a ton of work and research has gone into the new designs, including the external aesthetic. Olivier Raymond (Porsche Design, Mercedes-Benz) helped with the industrial design and there is a whole heap of high end part specs to sift through. The new BRAMA Collection consists of a pre amp, power, and integrated, similar to Vinnie’s approach with his L2 series.

More info in the press release below.

In a world filled with the ordinary and conventional, Vinnie Rossi has been driven by a passion for engineering the finest sounding two-channel audio components marked by truly innovative design. After 17 years of honing his craft with a series of commercially successful and critically acclaimed
products, Vinnie Rossi is proud to introduce the Brama Collection [In Italian, the word “Brama” means a strong craving or desire].

After an arduous 2-year research and development process, Rossi states “Brama opens a new chapter for our brand and demonstrates to the world our strong commitment to designing and manufacturing innovative, reference-grade audio components at the highest level.”

For the Brama Collection (Integrated Amplifier, Preamplifier, and Stereo Power Amplifier), Rossi teamed with Montreal-based industrial designer Olivier Raymond (Porsche Design, Mercedes-Benz) to achieve what Raymond describes as “a timeless design statement that is positively unadorned and sheltered from passing trends – redefining indulgence in the most elegant and enduring fashion.”


Independent, Class A, 300B directly-heated triode and solid-state linestage sections, with the ability to switch between them via a press of a button on the Brama Remote

350W rms per channel into 4-ohm (Brama Integrated Amplifier), 500W rms per channel into 4-ohm (Brama Stereo Power Amplifier)

100-step precision resistor ladder volume control, fully balanced input/outputs, home-theater bypass, as well as memory inputs that save independent settings for each input, including: Gain, Triode %, Balance, Phase, and Stereo/Mono listening mode

Brama Remote, which offers an intuitive menu structure, high resolution display with adjustable backlighting, Bluetooth communication, ambient light sensing, accelerometer, USB-C connectivity for battery charging and firmware updates, and a body machined from a solid block of aluminum

Bespoke analog gauges with precision air core movements, machined aluminum hands, and adjustable backlighting. Sapphire glass and highly-polished stainless steel bezels seamlessly integrate the gauges to the front panel

Swiss-made, precision-stepped rotary switches that give manual control an incredibly satisfying feel

Custom designed 1750VA, shielded power supply transformer with dual secondary windings that feed independent, dual-mono linear power supply PCBs for both the preamplifier and power amplifier sections. Ultrafast soft recovery diodes, massive filter capacitors, and super-regulated outputs deliver vanishingly low noise and superb dynamics

Protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current on all outputs. Diagnostics are sent to the Brama Remote for easy viewing

Chassis is machined from solid aluminum-6063R billet that is finely bead-blasted, anodized and laser engraved for a spectacular finish that feels as premium as it looks

Mark Sossa, Director of Sales and Marketing for Vinnie Rossi, adds “With Brama, we are confident that we will compete with the finest home audio products on the market. It has taken our team significant time and resources to get where we currently are, and Brama will pave our path forward for many years to come. We are very proud of what we have accomplished and can’t wait to share it with the world.”

The BRAMA Collection will be available to order in November of 2021, and will begin to ship late 2021 / early 2022. Brama Preamplifier – $33,995, Brama Stereo Power Amplifier – $33,995, Brama Integrated Amplifier – $38,995.

More info: Vinnie Rossi

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