Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Digital Audio

Digital audio is a relatively simple execution these days. A simple modern phone will fully equip you with everything you need to stream, download and listen to you favorite tunes at the touch of a finger (and sometimes even less than that). High fidelity digital audio is a much more complex beast. In this week’s episode of the Occasional Podcast, the show is joined by digital guru Alex Brinkman from Auralic to take the deep dive into the subject.

The podcast kicks off with some entry-level recommendations, in case you are new to the game. But Alex’s insight and very balanced approach to the idea of engaged listening is an interesting vantage point to consider. There is a lot to think about when it comes to putting together a high fidelity audio system, and digital sources can be every bit as fun/complicated as a turntable. One of the things that makes hifi great is the wide array of choices… for brands, topologies, sources, music, even wire to connect it all together.

Want more how to’s, education or information on all things audio? The Occasional Podcast offers a wide variety of learning opportunities along with behind-the-scenes interviews of hifi’s movers and shakers, including an interview with high-end designer MBL and last month’s An Audiophile’s Guide To The Loudness Wars and An Audiophile’s Guide To Mastering & Remastered Albums to wade into the production side of things.

The Occasional Podcast is now working its way though season 4, with interviews from Nelson PassJoseph AudioZMF Headphones, and Rob Watts providing interesting highlights from season 3 and a peek behind the backdrop of high end audio and hifi in general. One can still check out last season’s educational drop with TOP’s Beginners Primer To Reel-To-Reel – sometimes considered a deeper dive into analog listening than even vinyl is.

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