Astell & Kern “Hybrid” IEM Utilizes Three Types Of Driver Tech

Astell and Kern IEM. AK Zero1 Hybrid In-Ear Monitor.

A New Astell and Kern IEM. Some might think it was only a matter of time before IEM designers went a step further with all the available driver options for small size music playback. Astell and Kern have never been afraid to try something new, and their latest in ear creation is a testament to that. The AK Zero1 Hybrid In-Ear Monitor pulls together three types of different driver tech, a “Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic” Driver, two balanced armature (BA) drivers, and one 5.6mm dynamic.

Of course, none of that helps much if the system doesn’t play well together (literally and metaphorically) so AK took extra care to design a specialized crossover, specific 3D placement and acoustic chambers to bring out the best synergy. More details on the new Astell and Kern IEM in the press release:

Astell&Kern Launches The AK Zero1 Hybrid In-Ear Monitor

The AK Zero1 Combines Three Different Drivers to Produce The Perfect Balanced Sound

· Three Different Types of Drivers
· Perfectly Harmonized Driver Structure
· Highest Cross-Over Network Management
· Acoustic Chamber created using 3D Printed Technology
· Precise CNC Machined Metal Housing
· Hi-Fi Grade Pure Silver-Coated OFC Cable
· Hand Crafted in Japan

Astell&Kern, a global leader in portable high-resolution audio players and accessories, announces the company’s newest Hybrid In-Ear Monitor (IEM), the AK Zero1. The AK Zero1 will be available at authorized Astell&Kern dealers worldwide in November 2021 for $699.

The hybrid AK ZERO1 IEM combines the sounds of three unique driver technologies into one IEM. Composed of a Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver, two BA drivers, and a 5.6 mm Dynamic Driver, the AK ZERO1 harmonizes the characteristics of each driver to deliver the most natural sound to your ears.

The Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver is a specially developed driver with highly advanced technology that allows a planar driver, normally a very difficult driver to scale down, to be applied to in-ear monitors. Astell&Kern adopted a sturdy and lightweight planar membrane to minimize frequency loss and applied a vibration panel that features a high-polymer film with thin metal to create crystal clear high frequencies.

Two BA drivers are made using custom coil parameters and offer crystal-clear vocals with super-low distortion.

A 5.6 mm Dynamic Driver ensures rich, controlled and deep low frequencies.

An ideal frequency response was created through the Cross Over Network, which is designed based on a thorough understanding of each driver’s parameters. Each driver is then carefully placed in the optimal 3D position, enclosed in specifically designed acoustic chambers manufactured with precise 3D printing technology. This eliminates unnecessary movement and resonance of the drivers to ensure stable performance.

The housing, which is designed with Astell&Kern’s unique advanced aluminum-refining technology, keeps resonance to a minimum and creates the highest-quality sound.

The AK Zero1 comes with a Hi-Fi Grade Pure Silver-Coated OFC 4 Core Cable with 3.5mm headphone jack. The Pure Silver-Coated OFC cable maximizes the performance of the Hybrid IEM AK ZERO1. It has been exquisitely crafted with high-purity silver plating and copper, and the aluminum plugs compliment the IEM housing. MMCX connectors provide a quality, long-lasting stable connection to the AK Zero1 earbud.

A 4.4mm balanced cable for the AK Zero1 will be available for purchase separately in November 2021 for $199.

Accessories include five (5) pairs of silicone ear tips and one pair of foam ear tips to provide the best fit and a leather carrying case.

The new AK Zero1 IEM will be available via Astell And Kern’s dealer network starting in November for $699.

More info: Astell And Kern

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