Eddie Current’s New Solid State – Red Top – CAS 2014

Red Top 1

Tube headphone amplifier manufacture Eddie Current has been around the scene for quite some time. The boutique company is probably best known for its well established Zana Deux and Balancing Act analog power pushers.

As the market continues to shift, so must the products that inhabit the space. This company’s newest release plays both to the simplicity of solid state and the beckoning tide of sub $1000 components. A deviation from previous entries in both regards, the new Red Top amp from Eddie Current cuts down both the space and the price tag.

Red top 2

Much deeper than it is wide, the 7” x 10” x 4” Red Top specs out at 1 watt into 100Ω or 600mW into 300Ω. The internals are a combination of all bi-polar discrete transistors with no coupling capacitors which do not include any FETs. I have always been extremely fond of the classic Balancing Act, even years ago when it first became a head fi meet regular. A quick listening test revealed a solid performance that felt crisp and clean, but the local din in the room really restricted any other critical observations. While most of Eddie Current’s other products run north of the $2k mark, the Red Top will hit the streets at $800. To those who have been looking to get your hands on something from this company but felt it was out of your reach, now may be your opportunity. Pre orders are available on the site, and shipping should start in approximately 2 months.


3 thoughts on “Eddie Current’s New Solid State – Red Top – CAS 2014

  • How come you don’t comment on how it sounds (just curious)? It is because the area was too loud?

    • Yes, it was quite loud in the room to give accurate feedback. It did sound good, but a more nuanced evaluation usually requires a comparison as well as less hectic backdrop.

      • That makes sense and thank you for the reply.

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