Schiit Modi Multibit vs. Modi 2 Uber


There is plenty to love about Schiit audio. The budget-friendly brand has found their niche and dug in deep. Loyalty to the made-in-the-USA company abounds from all corners of the hobby and even though their initial public offerings were swarmed against a $250 price point, they have since broadened their range to include higher end amps, DACs, analog, solid state everything in-between. In recent days, they have even gone so far as to launch a line of old school 2-channel gear. And while the company’s recent developments into multi-bit ladder DACs culminated with the release of the Yggdrasil flagship ($2,299) the line today is still mostly constructed of products that cost less than $400. The breakdown we have here to discuss revolves around the trickle down version of same Yggy technology, pushed up close to a delta sigma AKM chipset in the form of their entry level Modi 2 Uber ($149) vs. the Modi Multibit ($249).

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