Event Highlights And Best Of Show – AXPONA 2024


Another AXPONA show is behind us and this year’s was definitely one of the biggest ever on US soil. The big Chicago-based AXPONA 2024 topped out over 10k attendees with over 200 listening rooms for a giant weekend that for some reason never felt overwhelming. The vibe was more often than not one of camaraderie, with a more diverse crowd than your stereotypical “audiophile” we see at most other shows. It felt like a real generic audio event, in the best way possible. That is not to say there weren’t plenty of high-end, high fidelity options to gawk at. There were some new million dollar systems in the Schaumburg convention center that we hadn’t seen before on this side of the pond, and many many great sounding rooms, both in output and quantity.

In Episode 4 of Season 10 on The Occasional Podcast the entire AXPONA 2024 press team from PTA joins the podcast to give all the highlights and best of show from the weekend’s festivities. Marc Phillips, Grover and Graig Neville plus Matthew Partrick and host Brian Hunter break down the huge HiFi gathering with their on-site observations, favorite sounds and more. Recorded live on Saturday, it is really interesting to hear everyone’s take on all the new product releases and unique demos.

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