A History Of The BBC’s LS3/5a Loudspeaker

The LS3/5a, LS35a loudspeaker.  A history of the LS3/5a mini monitor from the BBC.

Earlier this year The Occasional Podcast asked “What is British Hifi?”. As a continuation on that theme, this week’s episode drives even further into the formidable ethos with a look into the history and legacy of the BBC’s LS3/5a loudspeaker.

Originally created for mobile monitoring and production services on the go, the LS3/5a loudspeaker really took center stage in the rising waves of home listening during the years following its licensing from the BBC to outside manufacturers (including KEF). Small and easy to drive, the LS3/5a is considered by some to be one of the pinnacle achievements from a large body of R&D conducted by the research group… Or maybe they just got real lucky with the sound. Either way, the masses still seem to enjoy the refined sonics of the two way design, even years after its introduction into the market.

To help further explain the history, design and intent of the LS3/5a, Jerry Bloomfield from Falcon Acoustics joins The Occasional Podcast for a show that really highlights one of the greats from Brit-Fi, and high fidelity listening in general. Jerry has deconstructed, reconstructed and refined several versions of the LS3/5a for Falcon Acoustics and even MoFi. It’s a great listen for any fan of the genre who wants to know a little more about a little wonder of a speaker.

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