TIDAL Announces New Piano G3 Loudspeaker

Tidal Audio Piano G3 Loudspeaker

Of all the big room, big speaker brands out there, Tidal Audio Piano usually impresses in a serious way – even when compared side by side to other high end brands at audio shows. Dealer Doug White from The Voice That Is often helms that ship for the German-based Tidal on the US side of things, and he manages to pull off some of the best sounds around the hifi audio show circuit.

New to the brand this week is the announcement of a followup to the Tidal Audio Piano G2 floorstander, aptly named the Tidal Piano G3. Starting at $64k for the piano black gloss, it’s no small investment. But people in the market will no doubt be interested in the diamond tweeter and ceramic driver materials that make up the unique high end components. More info from the press release:

Hürth, Germany, August 2022 – Effective Immediately, TIDAL-Audio GmbH announces the all-new TIDAL Piano G3 Loudspeaker.
Evolution3 – After building the TIDAL Piano for over two decades, the third generation of TIDAL Piano models is now presented. The all-new TIDAL Piano G3 continues TIDAL loudspeaker par excellence replacing the multiple award-winning TIDAL Piano G2. Every detail, part and technical solution was redesigned. While the general dimensions and concept had been subtly evolved from its predecessor, they maintain the luxurious details only TIDAL offers – to reflect the value of its inner core and technical details.
TIDAL masterpieces development and evolution means you experience even more emotions, even higher quality, and even more breathtaking details – without having anything missed from the predecessor. The Piano G3 remains a classic with its unique concept of size, performance, and diversity in placement into almost any room. Positioned as the smallest of all TIDAL loudspeakers in our portfolio, the Piano G3 embodies everything TIDAL stands for: ultimate masterpieces with the highest complexity hidden behind sophisticated simplicity.
The new Piano G3 – TIDAL’s “Absolute Entry.” SPECIFICATIONS
• TIDAL Piano (G3 – third generation), passive 2/2.5-way loudspeaker
• multi chamber cabinet made of TIDAL’s proprietary cabinet material TIRADUR and constraint-layer-damping dual-front
• 1 x exclusive 30 mm (1,2″) diamond tweeter Gen2 TBD-30, mechanically decoupled from the cabinet
• 2 x exclusive 170 mm (7″) black ceramic BCC mid-woofer Gen2 MW-FG-170 woofers
• passive crossover network with lowest tolerance components, exclusive use of custom-tailored pure copper-capacitors, metal-film
resistors, air-core-inductors, lowest resistance bass-inductor
• TIDAL uno-pulse crossover, microphonically and hermetically isolated in separated chamber, total weight of the passive crossover
construction itself: 13 Kg / 28 lbs.
• TIDAL Vario-Terminal for three different configurations: 2-way (for small rooms), linear 2.5-way (for medium sized rooms), gained 2.5-
way (for bigger rooms or more bass in medium sized rooms), low-mass silver binding posts for perfect contact
• Gen-2 TIDAL isolators with 8 x trigger-bars, made of stainless-steel high gloss polished
• cabinet finish: original TIDAL piano lacquer in midnight black and hand selected veneers in TIDAL’s original transparent piano lacquer.
• nominal power handling: 150 / 300 VA, nominal impedance: 4 Ohm, recommended power amplifier: > 30 watt.
• speaker dimensions: 116 cm x 24,5 cm x 39,5 cm / 45.6″ x 9.6″ x 15.5″, dimensions with stand-bars: 121 cm high / 47,6″ high
• speaker weight without packaging: 2 x 70 Kg / 2 x 154 lbs., with packaging: 2 x 106 Kg / 2 x 233 lbs.
• shipping dimensions: 134 cm length x 39 cm width x 51 cm height / 53″ length x 16″ width x 20″ height
• US Retail Price: $64,000 Midnight Black Gloss / $67,000 in veneer – Available to order now.

More info: Tidal Audio