Naim Unveils The Naim NAIT 50 Reissue and The New Classic 300 Series

Naim NAIT 50

In our ongoing coverage of the HIGHEND Munich Show taking place this weekend, we are happy to bring you even more glad tidings of hifi product releases, this time from the long-time favorite Naim Audio out of the UK. The world-wide audio event marks the launch of two significant new options, one a 50th Anniversary edition of the very first intreated amp called the Naim NAIT 50 (50 year anniversary, the original was the NAIT 1) and the launch of the new 300 series of amplifier products.

In addition to “technically improved circuits” the new reimagining of the NAIT 1 now includes a headphone jack, 25 watts of power and “a discrete transistor MM phono stage”. The back panel also offers up a few RCA connections and is primed and ready for a digital streamer, should the spirit move you. A total of 1,973 units will become available, reflecting the brand’s 50th anniversary and the year of its founding by Julian Vereker.

The limited-edition Naim NAIT 50 will retail for $3,599 (4,599 CAD) and is set to be available in July 2023.

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Naim Audio 300 Series

Naim Audio its also introducing the new 300 Series at Munich, a collection of high-end audio products that includes the NSS 333 streamer, NAC 332 pre-amplifier, NAP 350 monoblock power amplifier, NVC TT phono stage, and NPX TT power supply. For even more separation, both the NSS 333 streamer and NAC 332 pre-amplifier can be upgraded with the addition of an NPX 300 power supply.

Naim Audio’s Technical Editor (Hardware), Steve Sells, expressed his excitement for the range, stating, “The new 300 Series is Naim at its purest – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, in service of the sound. With cutting-edge innovation, superb connectivity, bold styling, and exceptional performance, we can’t wait for you to see and hear this amazing range.”

The pricing details for the new Naim Audio products in the 300 Series are as follows:

  • NSS 333 streamer: $10,999 USD / $13,999 CAD
  • NAC 332 pre-amplifier: $10,999 USD / $13,999 CAD
  • NAP 350 monoblock power amplifier: $8,499 USD / $10,999 CAD
  • NVC TT phono stage: $3,699 USD / $4,799 CAD
  • NPX TT power supply: To be determined
  • NPX 300 power supply: $8,999 USD / $11,999 CAD

The new 300 series will be available for purchase in October 2023. For more detailed information about the NSS 333, NAC 332, NAP 350, NVC TT, NPX TT, and NPX 300, visit Naim Audio’s official website at

Naim NAIT 50

If you would like to hear even more from NAIM directly, check out this interview from PTA’s The Occasional Podcast where Steve Sells, Technical Director, Electronics at Naim Audio talks about the long history of the brand, as well as how they decided to name their product lines. A really interesting listen for any fan of the brand. Also available on iTunes.