Schiit Audio’s Newest Tube Amp Costs $150

Schiit Audio Vali 3

The latest tube amplifier from the US-based Schiit Audio still maintains a very-wallet friendly price as it moves into its newest variation of the Vali 3 headphone amplifier. Tube amplification tends to run on the more expensive side of HiFi, so the holding a price point under two bills is somewhat of a special offering in the big sea of high-ticket audio electronics.

Founder and designer Jason Stoddard updated a few bits for the latest iteration, including new industrial, internal and thermal design elements. Full rundown of all the new talking points in the presser below.

“Introducing Vali 3: the beautiful, affordable, capable tube hybrid headphone amp.

March 15, 2024, Corpus Christi, TX. Today, Schiit Audio announced the immediate availability of its Vali 3 tube hybrid headphone amp and preamp. Vali 3 is a significant advance over the previous generation, with 100V on the tube plate (over 50% higher than before), optimized design with higher linearity and lower feedback, and an attractive new advanced form chassis that provides much improved ventilation for lower operating temperatures.

“We’ve just blown up the entry level tube scene,” said Jason Stoddard, co-founder of Schiit Audio. “I mean, there is no more entry level. Vali 3 uses the same tube rail as much more expensive amplifiers, and it does it without compromise—no switching supplies, no giant chassis, no extreme heat, no big pricetag.”

Vali 3 is the latest generation of Schiit’s Vali tube hybrid desktop headphone amp and preamp. With production spanning over a decade, Vali is one of the most popular tube hybrid amps in the world. Vali 3 improves on its predecessors with:

100V on the tube plate, rather than 60V, for increased linearity and gain
Topological improvements that lower overall feedback and maintain performance
A new optimized layout with better signal flow and ergonomics
All-new attractive advanced-form USA-stamped custom chassis
Massively improved ventilation and lower operating temperatures
Like all Schiit products, Vali 3 is made in the USA. The vast majority of components, including chassis and PC boards, are made by US companies in the USA. Wall-wart transformers are made in China. All assembly, QA, and testing, including 100% instrumented test and 100% listening test, are done at Schiit’s Corpus Christi, Texas facility.

Despite these improvements, the Vali 3 remains the same price: $149.

Vali 3 is available now at”

More info: Schiit Audio Vali 3