Why Do Radio Stations Always Play The Same Songs?

why do radio stations play the same songs

The Occasional Podcast hosts wire and earphone maker Cardas Audio this week. Interviewees Josh Meredith and Angela Cardas both worked at radios stations earlier in their career before making the jump over to audio. So naturally the burning question for both of them was “Why Do Radio Stations Play The Same Songs?”.

Of course, Cardas Audio is much deeper pool than a handful of terrestrial radio secrets. Josh and Meredith are a wealth of insights into audio and HiFi happenings, along with a very upbeat and hilarious interview – a great listen for a December after a long year.

In addition to the interview with Cardas Audio, The Occasional Podcast delivers its seasonal year wrap up with the best audio gear of 2020. TOP contributors Dave McNair and Grover Neville round out the round up along with host Brian Hunter to highlight their best picks for high fidelity in the heavy homebound year of COVID.

The Occasional Podcast is now completing its final rotation in season 4, with interviews from Nelson PassJoseph AudioPro-Ject Turntables, and Rob Watts providing interesting highlights and a peek behind the backdrop of high end audio and audio playback in general. One can still download this season’s educational show with TOP’s Beginners Primer To High Fidelity Digital Audio alongside our latest on Two-Way Speaker Design. Fan favorite What Is Mastering? What Happens When An Album Is Remastered? is also still available for download from this season. If you are interested in further exploring the analog realm, the Guide To Buying A Turntable (and records) might point you in the right direction. 

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