Sonus Faber Has A New Two-Way Floorstander, The Maxima Amator

Sonus Faber Maxima Amator

It has been quite a year for two way designs. We have been wowed by the likes of QLN in a bookshelf, and even got a chance to get some education on the 2-way vs 3-way subject thanks to The Occasional Podcast Episode 6 with designer Mats Anderson. Sonus Faber upped the ante even further today with the announcement of a floorstander two-way to the Heritage Collection called the Maxima Amator.

I was seriously impressed with what I heard from the bookshelf style Electa Amator III at RMAF, and more recently, the Nova series as well. While many people new to the hobby may immediately assume that three is better than two, its important to remember that implementation always matters, and blanket statements about what previous designers have arrived at don’t necessary make for destinations for everyone else. That being said, there is some credence to the idea of less is more at times in audio. With the release of the Maxima Amator, its clear that Sonus Faber is looking to tackle the subject with just as much tenacity as the rest of their 3 way decisions. Simplicity in design, but with more room for bass expansion. From the PR release:

The same drivers are utilized as in the Electa Amator III, the 28 mm D.A.D. – Damped Apex DomeTM tweeter with Neodymium magnetic motor system and solid spruce wood acoustic labyrinth rear chamber, and the 180mm mid-woofer with air-dried membrane made of cellulose pulp and natural fibers, mounted on the Sonus faber original design die-cast aluminum basket. Unveiled in the Maxima Amator, Sonus faber has developed the IFF Crossover “Interactive Fusion Filtering” design that foregoes the classical first order series iteration, with non-academic transfer functions based on our accelerated progressive slopes.

You can also check out more from Sonus Faber in an interview with the brand from The Occasional Podcast here.

Sonus Faber Maxima Amator Side

The Maxima Amator will be available through Sonus Faber’s dealer network starting in December 2020 and will retail for $15,000 MSRP.

More info: Sonus Faber