MrSpeakers – Factory Tour

MrSpeakers Factory Tour

Dan Clark of MrSpeakers is one of the hardest working guys in all of personal audio. When we first started this website, Dan was at nearly every single meet, show and audio get-together in the US. Back then he was only working with his modded Fostex T50RP headphone. This quickly evolved into a 3D-printed cup and then into drivers of his own design.

Now Dan has a full blown operation running out of San Diego and is in his second iteration of the popular Either Flow planar magnetic headphone, as well as moving into original designs within the electrostatic realm. We had a chance to stop by to see the entire production this fall. It was impressive to see all the tech that Dan dabbles with in order to bring his creations to life. From 3D printing to CNC machines to clean rooms, the day-to-day operations require a growing staff. Expansion has been steady to keep up with the constant demands of the MrSpeakers brand. Dan has even reached a new plateau in his operational growth with the hire of a company president, Andy Regan.

You can take a peak behind the curtain with this short video from our visit. It offers just a snippet of the Chocolate Factory scene that makes up the ever-expanding brand that is MrSpeakers high end headphones. The video also includes Dan himself talking us through the history of his journey and the trail of top tier headphones he has created.

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