MrSpeakers Snags Andy Regan For Executive Leadership

In another surprise announcement today, the PR train stopped short in AudioHead’s inbox with even more pre-RMAF prep news. Long-time industry veteran Andy Regan is assuming the role of President at Dan Clark’s MrSpeakers brand. This move from Andy was immediately preceded by a tenure at direct competitor HiFiMAN, another tentpole company of the relatively small group of manufacturers that make high end planar magnetic and electrostatic headphones.

Andy has been in the audio business for 40 years and started out working in live sound on the road with large scale musical acts. PTA’s The Occasional Podcast caught up with Andy last year at CES, you can hear him tell all about the experience from the 70s and 80s, as well his history with Beats by Dre and JH Audio.

More details and full press release below.

Andrew Regan Appointed President of MrSpeakers

San Diego Ca, October 2, 2018 MrSpeakers, Inc., an industry-leading Designer and Manufacturer of high-performance headphones, announced the immediate appointment of industry veteran Andrew Regan as the company’s new President. Regan will be based at MrSpeakers’ HQ in San Diego, California and will direct sales, marketing, and operations for all worldwide markets.

With 40 years in the audio business and 30 years of experience in high-end audio, Regan is recognized as one of the most innovative executives in the global hi-fi and personal audio industry. Regan has held executive management positions with several top audio brands and has been one of leaders in the explosive growth of the Personal Audio industry.

During the first 20 years of his career he engineered live sound reproduction while touring with Rock and Roll legends such as Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac and Willie Nelson. Regan decided to get off the road and worked in hi-fi sales at the legendary high-end retailer Sound by Singer. He was subsequently recruited by Nelson Pass to become the National Sales Manager of Threshold Audio, and most recently has established himself as one of the leading executive in the headphone industry.

“It is with great pleasure I take on the role of President of MrSpeakers. I have followed the company’s development with keen interest over the years,” said Mr. Regan. “I first met Dan Clark, founder and CEO of MrSpeakers, many years ago at the CanJam at the annual Rocky Mountain Audio Festival when I was President of JH Audio. I was literally blown away by the planar headphones Dan played for me, and not only that we became instant friends. I followed MrSpeakers’ development as they grew to become one of the premier manufacturers of headphones, establishing a tremendous reputation for sound, comfort, value and reliability.”

Regan went on to add, “After speaking with Dan Clark about his vision to continue delivering groundbreaking headphone products, I concluded MrSpeakers was poised for immense growth. My role is to work alongside the great team at MrSpeakers to build world-class marketing, quality control, and customer service to accelerate the growth and help the company smoothly scale to the next level while preserving its fun and unique culture.”

CEO and Founder of MrSpeakers, Dan Clark said of Andy’s joining MrSpeakers team, “It’s been a real joy growing our boot-strapped venture to now employee a team of fifteen. We’ve managed to do so while delivering a steady stream of fun, reliable and stylish products. But this year we reached a size where I felt the time was right to add strength to our management team, in part to allow me to retain my focus on product development,” said Clark. “Andy has just the right mix of industry experience, operational expertise, and personality to drop right into our team and smoothly to take over critical functions that require a dedicated, professional touch. On behalf of the whole team, I’m pleased to welcome Andy on board!”

MrSpeakers will be exhibiting at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) in Denver Colorado October 5-7 in CanJam at the Marriott Tech Center in booths 64 and 65, and room 538. Dan Clark, along with Andy Regan and company personnel, will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions about their entire product line.

About MrSpeakers, Inc.

MrSpeakers, Inc designs, builds and tests state-of-the-art planar magnetic and electrostatic headphones in San Diego, CA. Founded by Dan Clark on April Fool’s Day, 2012, MrSpeakers has built a reputation for delivering great sounding, comfortable, and reliable headphones that have been sold into more than 70 countries. Unlike many companies that treat their products like disposable commodities, MrSpeakers considers a purchased headphone to be an investment, and whenever logistically and financially viable, endeavors to offer services or kits to allow owners to upgrade their headphones to the latest technology.”