A New $4k Abyss Headphone Is Coming From JPS Labs

Early prep for any big audio show in the US involves wading through a massive pile of PR releases the weeks before the event. Cutting through the clutter and making for an early mindshare JPS Labs, maker of the Abyss series of headphones has a new $4k offering in the form of the Diana Phi. While the unusually crowding at this top tier price point might have surprised the pants off personal audio enthusiasts just a few years back, most planar magnetic makers now have something that plays at this price tag.

According to the press release, the 2nd Diana in the lineup creates a middle spot above the original D has physical size that is smaller than your average “boutique” headphone. The ear pads have been updated to a larger size (keeps bigger ears from touching) and the transducer has been retrofitted with a revised version of the original AB-1266 Phi CC driver.

It was only back at RMAF just last year that the Diana 1 was introduced, so now that neatly places the total options from Abyss at roughly $3k, $4k, and $5k – pick your poison. More hands on to come at the show this weekend. Full press release below.

“New model ABYSS Diana Phi Headphone- Bigger On The InsideTM

The ABYSS Diana luxury line of headphones was launched in early 2018. Touted as the world’s thinnest boutique headphone, it has since changed longstanding perceptions of headphone physics by easily comparing to and in many cases besting the highest performance headphones. World-class sound in a compact portable package.

ABYSS has since worked toward furthering this success, producing a second higher performance Diana version that’s ‘bigger on the inside’ by incorporating the Phi planar speakers from their flagship AB-1266 Phi CC, the headphone on the tip of any connoisseur’s tongue when asked; ‘What’s the best’?

The new Diana Phi is said to have world-class dynamics, resolution, and refinement to sound never before heard in such a compact package. As with any ABYSS, she’s quite capable of playing any genre of music to an extreme level of enjoyment, limited only by the electronics and recording. The goosebump inducing ‘you are there’ sound is to die for.

ABYSS has also created a new ear pad to better match the acoustics of the new Phi drivers. Also bigger on the inside, the new pads further expand on soundscape and comfort.

Pricing for the new Diana Phi is $3995 USD (4395 €). Color- Titanium Gray

More information may be found on the Abyss-Headphones.com website. Diana Phi will make her world debut this weekend at CanJam in the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, Colorado, USA, https://www.audiofest.net”