An Interview With Gayle Sanders of Eikon, Founder Of MartinLogan

A new season of The Occasional Podcast is up on our sister site PartTimeAudiophile and the first interview up to bat is none other than the founder of the electrostatic-driven MartinLogan, Gayle Sanders. Gayle has recently blasted his way out of retirement to start a new venture called Eikon (pronounced “icon”).

We got a chance to hear all the new goodies from that company at AXPONA this year and things seem to be moving in a very good direction. Its interesting to hear Gayle talk about his evolution of thought on the subject, and how things got to where they are now with Eikon. You can see the original PTA post here for all the links (and embed), or just jump straight to iTunes.


All images below from AXPONA are were early prototypes for the show.