May Update

Campfire IEM

May was a pretty crazy month for the AH crew. For those of you just joining us from our Noble Savanna giveaway, welcome! For those not yet registered, you can enter for a chance to win a $500 pair of 4-BA-driver Savanna IEMs from the guys at Noble audio by subscribing to the site feed via email. The point of entry is located at the top right corner of every page on the site, and you also need to “like” Noble’s Facebook page [here].

Noble Giveaway

You can find all the fine details for the contest on our post [here]. The Noble giveaway is all part of our IEM week which also included the long-awaited review of the Echobox Finder X1 ($199) and a review of the brand new Campfire flagship called the Andromeda ($1099) located [here] and [here] respectively.

May also saw a unexpected resurgence of our most popular post “13 types of Audiophiles” so we thought we would include it in the update as well in the case you were looking for something a little more lighthearted to rest your eyes upon. Feel free to drop a comment on the post if you think we missed a category you might have noticed in your adventures though this hobby.

13 Types of Audiophiles

Our local audio scene is in full swing this sumer, with several Southern California events ready and willing to grab your attention. Looking forward into April you can expect plenty of hot-topic news coming out of the local Los Angeles T.H.E. show starting June 3rd. The big newport show always packs in some interesting product launches along with the usual audio-friendly show fare. We also have The Source A/Vs summer series down in Torrance featuring a slew of personal audio related topics all summer long including May 28ths Mr.Speaker Ether Vs. Ether C comparisons (and headphone clinic) and a big mystery world-wide exclusive headphone release party on June 18th. More information available [here].

All this hot on the heels of Chicago’s AXPONA show. We listed out some of our coverage below for your reading pleasure, but you can also check out our sister site Part Time Audiophile’s coverage [here] for even more room-to-room impressions including contributions (with exquisite photography) from up-and-coming staff writer Rafe “Jammy-Mids” Arnott.

Chicago’s AXPONA, Here We Come! – AXPONA 2016

Monitor Audio Platinum II – AXPONA 2016

The New Campfire/ALO Audio Flagship Andromeda – AXPONA 2016

The Focal Sopra nº2 – AXPONA 2016

Adam Audio – AXPONA 2016

Empire Ears – AXPONA 2016

The “Do Everything” Auralic ALTAIR – AXPONA 2016

Wilson Audio’s Alexx Loudspeaker – AXPONA 2016

Harbeth M40.2 and the Vinnie Rossi LIO – AXPONA 2016

Spatial Audio – AXPONA 2016

Wrap Up – AXPONA 2016

Wrap Up Part 2 – AXPONA 2016

That’s all for this update. Please let us know if there is something important you would like to see more information on (or impressions from) in June, we are all ears.

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  • I’m not sure I’ve seen this information listed anywhere – when does the giveaway end? 🙂

    • It will wrap up shorty before the Newport show on June 3rd.

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