The New Campfire/ALO Audio Flagship Andromeda – AXPONA 2016


Rumor mill confirmed. Campfire Audio (a subset of ALO Audio) has a new flagship coming to town as soon as next month. Retail price for the new state-of-the-art in-ear will round out at a cool $1099 and be available through the company site.

You can see coverage of the rest of the universe-al IEM line from some previous shows posts [here] and [here], but the company’s now four product lineup is pretty well spaced out according to cost and feature set.


The new top dog delivers its sonic tenderness via balanced armature drivers in the count of 5. That’s two BAs for high, one for mid and two for low. Following the naming procedure for the rest of the IEMs, the new flagship is named after the galaxy Andromeda, most likely in reference to one of the optional forms of entertainment when in the presence of an actual campfire.


The housing of choice for the new IEM is CNC’d Aluminum, selected for its damping and isolation properties. The earphone features a triple bore design for separating out the highs, mids and lows and comes equipped with a detachable MMX cable connection for upgrading to other options later down the road. Campfire is currently taking pre-orders for limited initial run on their website here: