The Source AV’s Summer Series – Headphoneus to the Maximus



Big news for the west coast folks!  A huge series of fortunate events are being put together by The Source A/V Design group in Los Angeles called The Source A/V Summer Series that should take us all the way though September. Produced in conjunction with Cavalli Audio, the events will touch on various aspects of the personal audio experience as well as some world exclusive product launches.

Cavalli’s Warren Chi has laid out some more of the details:

“Beginning this coming Sunday (May 15th), there will be an entire series of events all summer long.  We’re not talking about one or two events here and there.  We’re talking about nine events throughout the entire summer covering everything from headphones, to amps, to DACs, and more — not to mention a few world-exclusive headphone launches thrown in for good measure!

The multiple events highlight different points of interest for us.  So whether you’re into portables, or full-sized headphones, or looking for a DAC, or trying to decide between two similar headphones, there’s probably an event for you.

As the official headphone amplification sponsor for The Source AV’s Summer Series 2016, we’ll make sure to have a variety of our reference amps on hand for auditioning sessions.  Depending on the event, this may be our Liquid Gold, or our Liquid Crimson, or Liquid Sparks for the portable-related events, or even the Liquid Tungsten for flagship, full-sized headphones.

But you needn’t worry that there won’t be enough variety, since The Source AV proudly carries several familiar brands.  So you can also look forward to auditioning amps from our friends at Woo, Questyle, Simaudio, McIntosh, and more!

And of course, being the consummate hosts that they are, the guys at The Source AV will be providing refreshments at each event. 

So mark your calendars, come on down, and join us all summer long for a party that never ends!”

The first event kicks off this weekend on Sunday, with the two big product launch highlights falling on June 18th and September 10. No official word what headphones will be revealed, but rumor has it that the products will be some saucy releases from big brands within the personal audio space.

Full schedule:

May 15th – The Sennheiser HD800 vs. HD800S

May 28th – Mr. Speakers Ether vs. Ether C

June 18th – Focal Utopia and Elear Release Party

July 9th – Customs, Coffee and Croissants

July 30th – HifiMAN HE-1000 & Edition X

August 13th – Woo Audio

August 27th – Cavalli Audio Liquid Spark

September 10th – Headphone release party (3 models, brand TBA)

September 17th – Questyle and Enigmacoustics

September 24th – 2016’s Flagship headphones

So if you are in the Los Angeles area, swing on down to Torrance for some of the very best sounds in HiFi. Audio-Head will be covering the all the juicy bits as they emerge.

[The Source A/V Website]

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