How To: Budget For Audio Gear

how much to spend on speaker cables

There has much debate on how much to spend on speakers in relation to the cost of the rest of the system. 50%, 30%, 80%? How much to spend on speaker cables? The total budget for any audiophile rig has a ton of variables pulling on the dollar spends from all directions. In this episode of The Occasional Podcast, the show explores the cost of each product category and its potential for influencing the overall sound of any system.

Speakers, amplifiers, sources all carry some influence over the total outcome of any good rig. Sometimes the influence is subtle, but any major bottleneck can spell disaster. TOP spells it all out in this month for listeners, allowing for a fresh perspective on this age old debate – one that takes place in most audiophile’s heads as much as on the web. Speakers no doubt wave a ton of power over the situation, as they are the devices that actually produce the sound waves… but how much to spend on speaker cables?

The Occasional Podcast is now launching into Season 5, with new interviews, how to’s and more from audio’s greatest talents. Last season’s highlights include Nelson PassJoseph AudioPro-Ject Turntables, and Rob Watts. One can still download this season’s educational show with TOP’s Beginners Primer To High Fidelity Digital Audio alongside our latest on Two-Way Speaker Design. Fan favorite What Is Mastering? What Happens When An Album Is Remastered? is also still available for download from this season. If you are interested in further exploring the analog realm, the Guide To Buying A Turntable (and records) might point you in the right direction. 

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