Auralic Updates The G2/GX Series

Auralic G2.1 and GX.1 updates.

Digital audio designer Auralic has seen some success in the introduction of overbuilt casework for their top-tier devices. Heavy metal boxes grace the G1 and G2/X product lines in an effort to keep out unwanted noise and keep all signal paths as clean as possible. The move in the most recent round of DACs and streamers also contributes to bigger aesthetics and a hifi feel all around. This week Auralic announced changes to the G2 and GX lines, upgrading them to a G2.1 and GX.1 designation with a few upgrades both external and internal.

The four products receive the update include the ARIES G2.1 Streaming Transporter, the VEGA G2.1 Streaming DAC the LEO GX.1 Master Reference Clock and the SIRIUS G2.1 Upsampling Processor. All units start their .1 life with and update to the Unity Chassis II, which is a double enclosure of one layer of aluminum and then another made from copper. The “chassis-within-a-chassis” promises enhanced EMI shielding, along with an enhanced suspension system intended to reduce external influences through mechanical vibration.

Internal changes come in the form of the ever-important USB update to the ARIES G2.1 output for more compatibility across other DAC maker’s digital inputs. For more external drive usage, the HDD port now offers more power – a common issue with the option and digital hosts.

The seventh generation of Auralic’s customer app, Lighting OS will now include CD playback and even optional ripping capabilities. The USB connection on the back panel can now be activated for an external CD drive for both copying files and a direct feed. This new feature will actually work on any of the ALTAIR, POLARIS and ARIES products including G1. That’s quite a move in the versatility department. Allowing for the digital product line to be used as disc spinner with the drive of your choice is a fairly rare feature in the world of high fidelity audio.

Both the G2.1 and the GX.1 unites are currently available for purchase direct from the Auralic site, with shipping expected to start immediately.

Pricing for the new products is as follows: ARIES G2.1 – $4,799 – VEGA G2.1 – $6,899 – LEO GX.1 – $8,999 – SIRIUS G2.1 – $6,899

You can check out our review of the VEGA G1 here, which shares our take on some of the external attributes of the recent crop of digital products from Auralic.