Sennheiser Hits 75th Anniversary, Discounts The Classic HD 25 Headphone

Sennheiser HD 25 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Headphone.

The Germany-based Sennheiser headphone brand has been around for quite a while, 75 years to be exact. And to celebrate their 75th anniversary the company is running a few special discounts on their products this month. But the real attention grabber of the lot undoubtedly has to be the price drop of the classic HD 25 to a mere $99 for those living stateside.

As they say on TV… but wait… there’s more! Sennheiser decided to spice things up even further with a Willy Wonka style opportunity to get a limited edition set with golden-ticket colored pads. The HD 25 as a headphone is known for everything from DJ use to tons of broadcast production work in sports and more. The pads are included in addition to the usual black color and are limited to 25,000 units. There is also a new retro logo on the side of the headphone to commemorate the occasion.

Inspired by Sennheiser’s first open back headphone released in 1968 (HD 414), the golden ear pads come on headphones that are a fairly hefty discount of $50 off the usual $100 price tag, so if you want to add another classic headphone to your collection you might want to make haste before supply runs out.

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Sennheiser, as you may know, has dominated the market with other classic offerings over the years including the HD 650/600 and the trend-setting HD 1000. The HD 25 is known as a great DJ headphone for its ability to handle loud volumes and stay on the users head in high movement situations. The ear cups can also rotate for single ear listening if you want to look extra cool while spinning on the 1s and 2s. Aways listen at reasonable volumes however, you can find our guide to hearing conservation here on the site to see what you can do to keep your ear holes in tip top shape long into your later years.