Zu Dirty Weekend Part Deux

Sure, Zu Audio has partaken in a few dirty weekends before, BUT… the fire sale discount on their entry-level model doesn’t really come around that often. And yes, you could purchase a pair of home theater speakers from a big box retailer for this range, BUT… these doorways to supple sonic texture are way more hifi in my humble opinion. The Zu team tours the shows, the speakers look the part. $1k is the cost for entry and the color this time out is a very intriguing Rustic Hickory. You can slap on a different color for an up charge, the Zu site has all the details.

The regular Omen Mk. II start at about $2,250 so the discount is worth checking out if you are in the market for a new pair of loudspeakers for the man cave and not too concerned if a beer gets spilled on them. I hear a little dried bourbon really helps the midband breathe a little more. Zu is taking orders right now on the site, with shipping expected for St. Patty’s day (March 17).

More info: ZuAudio.com

You can also hear more about the company from this interview with Sean Casey (the designer behind Zu Audio) from The Occasional Podcast on PartTimeAudiophile or you can subscribe directly to the audiophile-focused show on iTunes or the Google Play store.