Shure Now Offers Cable Updates For Its Classic IEMs – NAMM 2018

In case you were wondering – no, that’s not Sean Sullivan’s hair adorning his corporate shirt. Sure, sure, its Shure at NAMM but those lovely strands are actually a well thought out combination of metal, plastic and IEM love. For any current Shure fan (535 anyone?), their long history with the tiny ear speaker has always been terminated with a standard 3.5mm headphone connection. Lucky for most, recent models have been equipped with a standard MMCX removable jack capping the other end. Now the company looks to update in parallel with the changing times by simply offering a wire swapout in the most elegant manner possible. And for the current lineup, applicable models include the universal fit series of SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846.

Like a few other forward-thinking IEMs makers, Shure is tapping into their already large base of consumers to add an appendage (rather than a replacement) for current owners to go wireless or mobile with a trio of new cables. The game is a afoot, starting with the $29 standard 3.5mm RMCE which does inline controls with a mic for both iOS and Android via a selectable switch.

The new RMCE-LTG ($99) lighting connector taps Cirrus Logic silicone for modern day iPhone carriers while a similar USB C cable will construct 24/96 from a computer or other capable mobile device (Apple tops out at 24/28).

The final link in the chain is the big wireless play which adopts an around-the-neck design to allow for plenty of room for a battery and antenna. The RMCE-BT1 also hits the market at $99 and serves up wireless connectively over most Bluetooth protocols (no aptX however).

That’s a lot of cable choices for classic owners of the Shure brand. The steadfast models of which have been around for quite some time, so the update is both appealing for more modern times and utilitarian in nature. Its not as pixel-busting as a new flagship piece (or even the company’s electrostatic news from 2016) but its a versatility that could appeal to many new owners and current holders alike.

The new cables are currently up on the company site and ready for purchase.