The Schiit Sol Turntable Gets Official At $799

Schiit Sol Turntable

It has been a long time in the works. Our first glimpse at a mechanical doohickey that spins black discs from the wildly successful budget DAC-and-Amp maker Schiit Audio was probably more than a year ago. Even the company’s direct to consumer website notes 6 years of research and development for the product.

Now perhaps the longest teased audio product of all time has finally taken form in the market as the Sol turntable. While the actual price has bounced around some since its inception, the final market price rolled out at $799 (without a cartridge). Included is a floating carbon fiber tonearm and plenty of adjustments to fine tune and tweak to your heart’s delight. It is still made in the USA and features “cast-aluminum, unconstrained unipivot, 11” carbon fiber arm, on-the-fly VTA adjusting, separate-motor-pod” according to the press release.

There is plenty more information available on the product page and release post, so I will leave interested parties to it. If you want to hear more impressions from our on-hand demonstrations at Schiit’s retail location from last month, you can find that here.

Schiit Audio Sol Turntable Price

Tech’s and spec’s aside, the new turntable will be another analog litmus test for the Southern California company. Branching out from personal audio has proved to be a solid move for Schiit, and fully adjustable table with a million set screws was an interesting choice in direction. The wave of the vinyl resurgence is still fairly hot from the uptick a few years ago. The Sol is clearly a price and a feature set that takes a step away from the hipsters and into the audiophile category. Is Schiit making a play to take over the audiophile world? Where is the Schiity speaker, the Schiit headphone, or the portable Schiit player? For now fans of the brand will just have to satiate their thirst with the Sol, with those attending this weekend’s Rocky Mountain Audiofest getting a first peak at the finalized product.