T+A Teases Two Headphone Products

Perhaps there is a little lost in translation when it comes to the Germany-based audio company T+A. Printed very clearly throughout the press release is the intended meaning “Theory + Application”, but on this side of the pond those two little letters often carry an alternative significance. Nevertheless, T+A headphones have two new personal audio products coming to market, the Solitaire P “planar-magnetostatic” headphone and a matching amp/dac called the HA 200.

Germany is no doubt called home to many iconic headphones, and the new Solitaire P is hand built there as well. T+A is traditionally known for its work in the loudspeaker arena where it has been cranking out gear for over 41 years. The new pair of cans hopes to draft some of that knowledge into the headphone realm with a “sophisticated planar-magnetostatic design philosophy”. From the release: “With its ultra-lightweight membrane, which covers the whole area of the capsule and is positioned between the planar magnetostatic drive system, each drive unit delivers excellent sonic properties, with the entire surface area of the membrane driven to deliver a spacious, airy feel that is unique even for planar headphones.”

The HA 200 front end consists of DAC section capable of 32/768kHz and DSD. Three headphone outputs can be found on the front panel along with two bopping meters. The internals make use of two separate toroidal power transformers, one for the analog bits and the other for digital. A plethora of inputs shape up the back, 2 analog and 6 digital. And optional HDMI input is also available.

That is all well and good, but what does the all mighty price-tag demand in penance for these wonderful technologies? The spicy Solitaire P headphone will debut in March of this year for $6,400. In April the HA 200 amplifier hits the streets with a wallet-shaking $8,900 asking price.

More info: https://www.ta-hifi.de/en/

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