HiFiMAN Really Wants You To Use Your Cellphone – The New Ananda Headphone

HiFiMAN is clearly positioning themselves as a perfect accompaniment to your cellphone with their newest planar magnetic creation called the Ananda ($1k). Subtle hints at portability have dropped with the last few launches, a stark contrast to the company’s first headphones that were notoriously hard to drive – even from the most powerful headphone amplifiers on the market.

The new direction also strays away from the once numeric naming convention for the product line, now individualized with more unique branding. The two most important specs that weigh heavy on the palpability of partnering up with a mobile source reign in at 103dB for the sensitivity and 25 ohms for the impedance. Not bad for a planar, perhaps all the buzz surrounding the LG V30 might find a home with this new portable wonder. The back is still open however, so not ideal for subways or close proximity cubicles. The external looks keep a close relationship to the other ovoid shapes in the current lineup (HE-1000 V2 & Edition X V2) and the $1k price tag put it fairly close to the Edition X V2 asking price of $1.3k, it will interesting to see how those two headphones line up against each other.

Full press release available below.

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HIFIMAN Electronics Ananda Planar Headphone Brings Out the Best in All Portable Devices, Especially Smartphones

Open-Back Ananda Features High Sensitivity, Ultra-Thin Diaphragm for Unmatched Sonics from all Personal Audio Sources

ORLANDO, FL, June 11, 2018 – HIFIMAN, the leader in high fidelity personal audio, today announced availability of Ananda (SRP: $999), the company’s new open-back planar headphone designed to maximize performance of any personal audio source, especially smartphones and tablets.

“Ananda is designed for music lovers who want one high-performance, extraordinarily comfortable headphone for all personal listening, whether it’s a home system, high-resolution portable player, or an everyday smartphone,” said Dr. Fang Bian, Founder and CEO, HIFIMAN. “The word ‘Ananda’ is derived from the Sanskrit term for ‘bliss,’ which is what this headphone will bring to anybody who enjoys audiophile-grade performance, no matter the source.”

HIFIMAN engineers employed lightweight, ultra-fine planar drivers for the high power sensitivity necessary when used with streaming audio devices. Ananda’s rating of 103dB guarantees that it will provide consistently low distortion high-fidelity output when used with a smartphone, let alone current and upcoming high-resolution digital audio players and home audio systems.

The industrial design of the Ananda headphone represents new standards of comfort and performance for open-back planar models. The ultra-thin diaphragm produces unmatched detail and low distortion, and the window shade grill design reduces sonic reflections, resulting in pure, neutral sonics. As good as it sounds, the new Ananda sets an equally high bar for comfort. A hybrid headband features a weight-dispersing strap for hours of comfort, and the sleek and sumptuous matte black finish is combined with metal construction for maximum durability. Newly designed ear cups follow an asymmetrical design that mirrors the natural shape of the human ear. Ananda’s 3.5mm headphone connector is the company’s strongest yet, ensuring years of secure, trouble-free performance.

Ananda weighs 14.07 oz. Frequency response is 8Hz – 55kHz, sensitivity is rated at 103dB, and impedance is 25 ohm. The Ananda over-ear planar headphone is available from HIFIMAN dealers and the company’s online store: http://store.hifiman.com/. For additional information, visit https://hifiman.com.

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HIFIMAN was founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007 and, two years later, introduced the acclaimed HM-801, the first digital audio player to feature true audiophile-grade performance from a pocket-size form factor. Since then, HIFIMAN, under Dr. Bian’s guidance, has developed an extensive selection of no-holds-barred headphones, digital audio players, and headphone amplifiers that are consistently recognized as the best in class, offering performance that belies their price point, no matter the cost.

For additional information, visit https://hifiman.com/.