T+A Elektroakustik, Roon Labs, Stillpoints – AXPONA 2019

T+A Elektroakustik

Speaking with David Shultz about the system, I come to realize that even though I’ve been with T+A Elektroakustik’s much larger system next door, the smaller one in here offers much of the same high-quality digital playback features and ultimate sound quality.

For example, of the static display Series 8 products the DAC 8 DSD High End D/A Converter retails for $4,450 USD and does PCM 32/384, DSD 212 decoding and has an all discrete topology from decoding to headphone output. Paired with headphones and a source, you’re done in one way or another.

But alas, it was the R-Series two-channel system I was in the room for. This series of product sits right below the HV-Series of product that I recently wrote about over at Part-Time Audiophile. The R-Series shares a lot with the HV, and carries down much of the shared design philosophy and qualitative standards.

Another example is the PA 2500 R Integrated Amplifier, a high-current dual-mono design amplifier that uses technology that was designed for the HV-Series, and utilizes similar dual-power supplies in a much smaller and affordable chassis.

The MP 2500 Music Player / DAC performs true DSD bit-to-bit conversion. Isolation is galvanically sealed, for better noise performance. Including proprietary noise control over USB and Ethernet.

When paired with the Talis S300 tower loudspeakers are built on a heavily damped aluminum enclosure, with minimal internal bracing to take advantage of air space. EMI control, also proprietary, is executed on the speaker voice-coils.

The G 2000 R CMC turntable plinth is a combination of wood under-chassis and aluminum skin, also damped like the speaker enclosures. Which unique to this price point is the option for an internal phono-stage, to better locate itself close to the cartridge. The integrated amplifier still have a phono-stage, but in the demo system the phono-stage from the turntable itself was run using line-level inputs.

This was a room and system that called for revisiting, as it was the room I first heard before and after hearing T+A Elektroakustik’s larger system in a room hosted by Lone Star Audio.

The DNA of the larger HV-Series system is present. Dark backgrounds and that almost analog amount of detail and preservation of tone is present. It’s not often we find a product house, that houses as many solid lines as T+A Elektroakustik.

The Main System

PA 2500 R Integrated Amp – $12,750

MP 2500 R Music Player / DAC – $13,000

MP 2000 R Mk II  Music Player – $9,000

G 2000 R CMC Turntable – $9,900

Talis S300 Loudspeakers – $14,900

Roon Nucleus + QNAP NAS

Stillpoint Rack, Aperture, and Points

by Eric Shook