Schiit Audio Ragnarok 2 – AXPONA 2019

Schiit Audio Ragnarok 2

Schiit Audio has really made their presence know in both the personal audio space and the two channel realm in recent years. This cycle’s AXPONA show in Chicago has the California-based company showing off more than one new product that seeks to bridge the gap between the two audio-loving markets.

Let’s start with the new Schiit Audio Ragnarok 2. The nifty thing about the NEXUS™ topology, which is new for Schiit Audio. The NEXUS technology is a discrete, current-feedback differential stage that works like this, you can input single-ended or balanced in, and get single-ended or balanced back out. No transformers, no convertors, no summing stages. All inputs should sound the same, with only balanced being a touch louder. The single-ended and balanced run completely off of the same matched parts and rails.

This is an all new product, stepping away from lineage in every way other than name. According to representatives at the show, loudspeaker performance with the Ragnarok 2 has seen a remarkable improvement during factory testing. Modular customization options of the input stages include a USB DAC and Phono stage, which are each sourced from Schitt’s existing product line. Also included is a hefty aluminium remote control, which controls input, output, volume, and gain settings.

The Modular architecture allows for integrating existing Schiit Audio components you already own through simple single-ended or balanced inputs, or order one with modular DAC and Phono built-in.

The volume control is a 128 step relay-switched attenuator for superior channel matching even at the lowest volumes. Output at the loudspeaker taps is rated at 60 wpc @ 8-ohms, and 100 wpc @ 4-ohms. Full power to balanced headphones is rated at 15 watts into 32-ohms, and 1.7 watts @ 300-ohms.

The new Ragnarok 2 is expected to ship Near the end of April 2019 or Maybe May 2019 (a nod to all NAMM fans).

by Eric Shook