Schiit Audio Unveils New Aegir Amplifier, Sol Turntable – AXPONA 2019

A stack of Schiit components.

More Schiit from the Axpona 2019 audio show was to be expected, as the two-channel segment of the audiophile market is learning, and learning fast. Schiit Audio debuts with Salk Sound a pair of Class-A stereo amplifiers configured for this system as monoblocks. Also on display was a prototype model of Schiit Audio’s forthcoming turntable.

Starting with the new Aegir, which is available now on Schiit’s website for $799 USD, and ships within 3-5 days depending on stock levels. The new Aegir is a 20 wpc @ 8-ohms (40 wpc @ 4-ohms) stereo amplifier, and in monoblock configuration a stout 80 wpc @ 8-ohms. Similar to the Vidar in both chassis, input and output taps, only venting is the sure giveaway that this amplifier runs hot. The new Continuity™ topology of the Aegir amplifier runs in Class-A, and along with a new (and overbuilt) power supply, the Aegir really does spec out like an entirely new type of amplifier for Schiit. The Aegir uses a 100% linear power supply (with 7 separate voltage rails and 600VA transformer) and microprocessor oversight to eliminate capacitors and DC servos in the signal path. Another feature is the included front-panel button for standby mode.

Schiit Audio Sol Turntable Prototype at AXPONA 2019.

Overall, expect the new Aegir to be a sweeter and more refined amplifier. Unlike the Vidar, the new Aegir will do best with higher sensitivity loudspeakers. The Vidar likes to be pushed hard on less sensitive speakers to sound its best, while the new Aegir is more or less the opposite. However, I can’t wait to see how powerful the new Aegir really is.

In combination with Salk Sound towers at the show, the pair of Aegir’s in monoblock form did indeed sound powerful enough. Especially when Salk Sound towers are notorious for needing more power than their rated sensitivity would dictate.

Schiit’s new prototype turntable was on display, but further away from dawning it’s Sunday best. The new turntable prototype has a laundry list of design features unipivot arm, two-speed outboard motor, aluminum platter, belt-drive, on-the-fly VTA adjustment, adjustable tracking force, a carbon fiber tonearm. Future examples will be outfitted with powder coated finishing, and retail is talked to be around $700 USD but yet to be determined.

Schiit Aegir