The New HiFiMan HE-560 & HE-400i Headphones – T.H.E. Show Newport 2014

HifiMan HE-560 and HE 400i Headphones

Change in HiFi is inevitable. Among the lines of people gathered into the long corridor of Newport’s Headphonium Too, Hifiman’s retrofitted display housed a few hidden gems of inevitable change.

With a focus on weight management HifiMan will soon be updating two of their popular full-size headphones with new models. Perhaps one of the most revered planar magnetics for the price, the HE-500 ($599) is being ousted for a lighter sibling called the HE-560. Weights do compare well in a shift from 502g to 390g as does a slight drop in impedance and increase in efficiency. The impressive 390g is even lighter than the recently introduced Oppo PM-1 (395g) and significantly lighter than the classic Audeze LCD-3 (600g). Other comfort upgrades include a redesigned headband and new beveled ear pads. The stock cable will see an update and according to the press release¬†will contain “crystalline copper and crystalline silver“, very fancy. The final update is the price however, which will $899. The HE-560 will be available sometime this month.

HifiMAn HE 400i

The other ‘phone getting a facelift is the HE-400. The addition of an “i” to the name brings along with it a mere 360g weight (down from 440g) and and spec’d efficiency of 93dB/mW which is the same as the LCD-3. The HE-400i will also be receiving a headband and beveled ear pad update as well as stock cable that includes both copper and silver. The “i” will take a jump in price to $499, so if you are on the fence about the current model you may want to snag one up before they are gone (currently $299 on the HiFiMan site). The new HE-400i should be available this month as well.