HifiMan – Capital AudioFest 2014

HifiMan’s extensive lineup of person audio products continues to dazzle attendees throughout the audio show circuit. The company had a large selection of samples for show-goers to listen to first-hand, including the new lighter versions of their classic planar magnetic and dynamic HE-560 and HE-400i full size headphones.

HifiMan HE-560 and HE 400i Headphones

The company’s portable player line now ranges from the small HM-700 (with balanced headphone output) to the HM-901 $1k +flagship player that touts a full two ES9018 DAC chips for conversion duties. Likewise the company has recently expanded the headphone line beyond its humble planar magnetic beginnings to include universal fit IEMs like the RE-400’s we reviewed [here].  While there wasn’t a new product to launch since the Newport show, Peter and the HifiMan gang are always a welcome addition to any head-fi show, bringing a vast array of sounds and options with them to listen to. You can check out all the latest updates for the company in our previous post or check out all the goodies on the company website: http://www.head-direct.com/Products/

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