Some new Schiit – RMAF 2014


Pictured above is the new thumb-drive-sized DAC and headphone amplifier from Jason Stoddard and Schiit Audio. Known for his budget-friendly approach to audio, the tiny, simple USB-powered amplifier named Fulla will retail for a wallet-friendly $89. A quick listen to this small piece of Schiit proved to supply ample power to a pair of Audeze LCD-3 headphones, clocking only a mere half turn before pushing against the upper limits of typical listening volumes.

Jason and Moffitt

Expanding his ever-growing product line beyond the budget, Jason’s flagship DAC and full size headphone/speaker amp Ragnarok and Yggorasil could be found on the other side of the multi-talble display within the ever-expanding room that housed a bulk of the companies within Rocky Mountain AudioFest’s CanJam area. The top tier units remained fairly cool to the touch and the exteriors retained the Schiit “house look” while adding some impressive designs within the cooling holes that pepper the top of the boxes which were backlit by a pleasing glow internal board lights.

A large sample of the rest of the product line occupied the remaining room between these two goalposts. Jason’s mid range products fill in the company’s wide array of offerings nicely with both tube and solid state amplifiers and DACs of varying price points without any confusing overlap.


Saturday turned out to be a celebration for Captain Stoddard’s birthday and some of his employees helped consummate the event by bringing in a cake with a message that would draw envy from anyone with an unpleasant supervisor.




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