The New Oppo PM-3 and HA-2 – RMAF 2014


Oppo set a very nice tone for its products a few years back with the release of the extremely value-focused BDP-95 Blu-Ray player. The subsequent BDP-105 follow up continued this appealing proposition of quality and feature-rich value. Fast forward to present day and you will find Oppo has burst onto the headphone scene with a pair of planar magentics called the PM-1 and PM-2 as well as a matching amplifier called the HA-1.  You can find our full review of the PM-1 [here].

At RMAF this year, the company showcased two working prototypes that let the public know their interesting waltz into personal audio had really just begun. In a well-timed and seemingly deliberate roll out, Oppo has taken a natural progression into the next chapter of portable audio with a reveal of a closed-back headphone called the PM-3 and a smaller portable headphone amplifier called the HA-2. As an individual who sometimes tires of unsuccessful attempts to create “clever” product names, I greatly appreciate Oppo’s straightforward naming syntax for their lines.


The PM-3 is tentatively scheduled for a January launch. Expect pricing to land somewhere south of the $699 PM-2.


The portable HA-2 features a very well designed and aesthetically pleasing outer casing, which sports much of the same attention to detail that Oppo has perfected on its other products. I think its relative size of thin and long over deep is a very wise choice that effectively mirrors the current cellphone trend. The HA-2’s amplification will be a hybrid AB class and digital conversion duties will be fueled by an ESS SABRE 9018 “M”, (two cores as opposed to 8). It will also be iPhone friendly and compatible with some android interfaces. Expect the highest in resolution files (up to 4X DSD) from the PC connection and a price under $500, huzzah!  The HA-2 is also aiming for a January 2015 release.

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  • I was going to purchase B&W P7’s for travel but I might have to hold out for this combination.

  • Looks like a very interesting pair!

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