Rocky Mountain AudioFest 2012 – Day 2

Marriott in Denver

Day two of the Rocky Mountain Audiofest in Denver Colorado was quite a delight.  The weather was agreeable if not slightly brisk at times, but the autumn colors really complimented the scene.  I really didn’t spend all to much time staring at the sights unfortunately, too many audio treats beckoned to me.

Convention Center RMAF 2012

In what has become a mainstay for the audiophile convention crowd, a suped up Bentley greets each attendee on the way into the main entrance of the Denver Tech Center Marriott.  Attendance seemed a little less dense than I expected when I first arrived, but many booths that I visited said traffic seemed steady throughout the day with occasional bursts of congestion.  Many of my hallway trips were greeted by optimal traveling conditions, and listening rooms for the most part were typical for other conventions I have covered.

Bentley at RMAF

I think the heart and soul for anyone interested in personal audio (as much as your truly) is a special section of the event called CanJam.  For anyone who hasn’t attended, CanJam contains almost every big player in the hobby, and some you might not expect as well.  CypherLabs, Woo Audio, CEntrance, Ray Samuels, V-Moda, 1964 Ears, Burnston, Mr. Speakers, Unique Melody were just a few of the exhibitors that had something new or unreleased to showcase at the event.  Many demo units were still very much in a prototype form, but needless to say it is a very exciting time to be involved in computer and headphone audio.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Can Jam 2012

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