CanJam at Rocky Mountain AudioFest in 15 videos

CanJam at Rocky Mountain AudioFest 2012

We went out and tried to grab as much video content as possible this year so you would have a real first-hand look at what it is like to attend the famed CanJam.  Below is a collection of 15 videos from the event for your viewing pleasure.

Jerry Harvey from JH audio was gracious enough to hang with us for few minutes on Sunday, and our time with him was well spent.  This video features Jerry himself educating us on the balanced armatures he created, his take on hybrid IEM technology and the future of custom IEM mold impressions.

Ultimate Ears had their new Personal Reference Monitor station available at the show.  This device allows you create in-ear monitors that are custom made to fit the tonal sound curve of your preference, very cool.

The guys at Audeze still have a few tricks up their sleeves.  Here they showcase a new closed back prototype of the legendary LCD headphone series.

Cavalli audio had a new statement piece that is a tube rollers dream.

ALO audio was making a statement as well.

CypherLabs lifted the veil on the new Algorythm Solo generation.

New portable headphone DAC/Amp combos from TTVJ, CEntrance and Ray Samuels audio [here].

There were even a few custom IEM announcements.

Beyerdynamic and V-Moda were a few of the headphone companies showcasing their newest entries.

Mr. Speakers was presenting the newest version of his modified Fostex T50RP called the “Mad Dog”.

There was a great custom in ear panel hosted by Jude which featured many of the prominent IEM manufactures and designers.

Monster was fully represented with nearly their entire line of headphones on display. This one gets the award for “Most Energy”.






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