Ray Samuels introduces the Intruder

I got a chance to sit down with Ray Samuels from Ray Samuels Audio at a recent Head-Fi meet in Chicago. He had brought his newest creation with him, a portable all-in-one DAC and headphone amplifier he is calling the INTRUDER. This battery operated amplifier will feature both balanced and unbalanced connections.  Check out the video below for the full rundown of the new device.


3 thoughts on “Ray Samuels introduces the Intruder

  • What about the DAC, he never mentioned anything about that!!

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  • Seriously Ray, explain, WHERE IS THE SPECS?

    No need for chip names (that you have sanded), just tell me the SNR THD and DAC specs. I have it next to DX100 and… intruder sounds like ipod comparing to DX100!


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