The Calyx PaT (updated) – AXPONA 2015


When we caught up with Calyx at [CES] the budget DAC/Headphone amplifier was still very much in a prototype form. The newest update here catches up with it at a nearly complete stage.


The finalized colors for the fun, remote-sized amp will be gold, cyan and strawberry. The chassis is an aluminum billet and CNC-cut and weights 22g. Pricing has yet to be finalized but expect tag to land somewhere around the $99 range. The PaT works with audio resolutions up to 16/48 kHz and will be able to handle PC and MAC computers, but what is even more impressive is its compatibility with both iOS and Android at this price point. iOS use will need to be accompanied by the CCK you see above, but the package will ship with two OTG micro USB cables.


Calyx also had their “M” player ($999) on display at their table at EGX. Like the [AK Jr.] player the M can be used as an external DAC and headphone amplifier for your computer. The internal chipset can handle 32/384 kHz and up to 128 DSD. 64GB of internal memory is included and external memory can be expanded with to 256GB for the standard SD slot and 128GB via the micro SD slot.

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