RHA’s T20 IEM Goes Wireless

RHA T20 Wireless

The pride of Glasgow Scotland has a new IEM trick up their sleeve, and this time it’s a wireless update to their famed T20 earphone. Furthering the already versatile product, the introduction of an around-the-neck bluetooth device grows the capabilities to 12 hours of playback time, sweatproof IPX4 standard and 10m of wireless range.

Compare those figures to your average true wireless capabilities and you can easily see why the larger system has its advantages. The entire AptX-enabled attachment is connected by a standard MMCX connection, and also includes an interchangeable wired option of the same termination type.

For those unfamiliar with the original T20, the dynamic driver boasts a “DualCoil” design along with an interchangeable filter system allowing for more treble or more bass to pass through. The transducer actually features two independent voice coils incased in the stainless steel housing. Along with a whole host of ear tips including silicone, double flange, and Comply-branded foam the entire package here appears fairly robust and covers off quite a few bases for the portable audiophile.

The new wireless beast from RHA is available now for purchase and retails for $249.95 in the US.

Wireless dongle for the RHA T20.