Moon Audio Goes V2 On Their Integrated and Streaming DAC

Moon Audio 700i vs and 780D v2

Moon Audio usually makes their mark with a distinctive silver and black look, and their component range isn’t afraid to pierce the $10+ range. Such is the case for both their new Integrated amplifier and streaming DAC, recently adorning a new V2 stage of life.

The 700i v2 Integrated will sport 175 watts of power per channel (into 8 ohms) and an “oversized dual mono power supply.” Ins and outs include 4 single ended RCAs and 1 pair of balanced XLRs. There is also one line level output and theater bypass capabilities. The new 700i v2 is now available for purchase and starts at $14k.

The new streaming DAC is the Moon 780D v2. Chasing that never-ending dragon of digital audio, the latest update comes with all the necessary bits to get things done from the streaming side including Roon Ready, DSD, MQA, Tidal, Qobuz and more. Bluetooth AptX is also on board for those so inclined and outputs include both balanced and single ended. The DAC also incorporates Moon’s proprietary MiND (Moon intelligent Network Device) streaming and control platform to send music to any other MiND-enabled device on the local network. The new 780D v2 is available for purchase today and starts at $15k USD.

Not only can you of course get the two new products in classic audiophile silver and black, but also two tone finishes (pictured above) in both silver AND black.