Reel To Reel Audio – A Primer For The Uninitiated

United Home Audio - UHA and Greg Beron reel to reel audio.

Ever since Greg Beron of United Home Audio introduced me to the world of reel to reel listening, I’ve been fully entranced by the medium. Granted, I don’t really have the time, energy or the spare change lying around to operate at the level he does, but stopping by his room at audio shows is always a must for anyone curious about the possibilities of analog hifi.

This week’s episode of The Occasional Podcast tackles the top priorities for audiophiles ready to take the dive into the deep end of the pool. The interview includes some one-on-one time with Greg himself, and his stories and anecdotes really add some color to the situation.

Who eventually becomes a reel-to-reel listener? Some are severe vinyl enthusiasts who feel they have taken the medium as far as it will go. Others are primarily digital guys/gals ready to jump a step over the popular record player source and go straight to high end’s biggest labor of love. After all, if you are going to enjoy the tactile feel of a material playback, why not push it even closer to the source?

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