The Vinyl Revivers, The Audio Hunters, Sonner Audio, Roger’s High Fidelity, Dr. Feickert, and Straightwire – CAF 2019

The Vinyl Revivers, The Audio Hunters, Sonner Audio, Roger’s High Fidelity, Dr. Feickert, and Straightwire from CAF 2019.

Sonner Audio and Roger’s High Fidelity are not strangers to my show reporting. During my time at Part-Time Audiophile and Audio-Head I’ve covered both extensively and with general excitement. So much so with Sonner Audio, that I found myself unpacking two large boxes at the end of the summer, with Sonner’s entry level Legato Unum bookshelf speakers and accompanying speaker stands

On active display at Capital Audiofest 2019, Sonner Audio’s Allegro Unum ($9,990 pr USD) bookshelf speakers, which from what I can say, are pretty much the same enclosures as the Legato Unum ($5,300 pr USD) bookshelf speakers, but with upgraded drivers and a more refined crossover.

Powering the affair a Roger’s High Fidelity KWM 88 Corona ($13,999 USD integrated amplifier, and PA-2 ($7,300 USD) phono-stage. At the source end, a Mytek Manhattan II DAC ($5,995 USD) and Dr. Feickert Analogue Volare turntable with an Ortofon 2M Black cartridge (total price $4,300 USD). Cabling throughout the system was sourced from Straightwire.

How’s it all sound? Familiarly honest and full of grit. Many of the attributes I love about the Sonner Audio Legato Unum’s I have in my home, are dialed up in the Allegro Unum, by order of magnitude uncommon in hi-fi. Yes, the Allego Unum’s are twice the price, but unlike most loudspeakers, they’ve forgotten what they know about diminishing returns.

That said, the Legato Unum’s at their price also dominate in terms of what I’ve heard from them. So assume that I’m witnessing two class leading speakers, which share so much, but still find ways to strata themselves at nearly double the price of the minor-model. It’s all just amazing to me.

To hear the Legato Unum would have your jaw drop, and then to switch over to the Allegro Unum, would have your jaw drop again. It’s a weird place to be if I were to be totally honest. As every time I sit down with the more affordable Legato Unum, I’m still thrilled and ecstatic about them — even with my knowledge of the Allegro Unum’s existence and sonics. That doesn’t seem like it would be possible, but it is. 

by Eric Franklin Shook