PRYMA Goes Wireless With Aria – CES 2017

For those unindoctrined, PRYMA is a Sonus Faber headphone brand with a lifestyle skew. The initial wired offering starts at $499 and offer some pretty swank material options centered around a fully removable premium leather headband in a wide assortment of colors.

Following the wireless trend that is saturating a big chunk of personal audio [and even making its way into traditional 2-channel] PRYMA has incorporated bluetooth connectivity into the new version of its headphones, with a small twist on the single-receiver-wired-driver implementation of many other companies that play in the post iPhone 7 waters. In order to maintain the freedom of a totally replaceable headband, PRYMA decided to create an offering with wireless connectivity to both earcups, allowing for independence from the connective wire that usually runs between the two drivers (usually located in the headband for over-ear designs), much like that of Apple’s recent – but long awaited – AirPod earphones.

Named the PRYMA Aria, the new product is due out in March for $549 in two colors – black matte and coffee & cream, with more materials/finishes to follow. Headband options (for those who like to mix it up) are already available on the company site for the previous version and will swap in easily with the new wireless option. It will be interesting to see if this truly wireless design catches on with other headphone designers as things evolve even further on this front.

David Mascioni from PRYMA’s parent company World of McIntosh gave us a run-through of the new headphone in person at CES this year, check it all out in the embed below.



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  • The style is unique and the sound is rich Italian. I like both

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