Moon by SimAudio 888 Power Amplifier – CES 2017

I like it when product names correlate with something about the item. Such is case for the new 888 Power Amplifier from Moon by SimAudio. Guess what 888 represents? 888 Watts into 8 ohms, thats equates to 1776 into 4 ohms. The new flagship monoblock from the Canada-based SimAudio weighs a whopping 300 lbs. when it arrives on your doorstep, so in no regards may it be taken lightly, figuratively or literally.

Lionel Goodfield had the new 888 ($118,888/pair, see what they did there?) pushing a pair of Rockport Cygnus Loudspeakers ($62,500/pair) for a delightful combination in their listening suite at CES in Las Vegas. Test tracks dove in with plenty of punch and depth in the fairly large listening area designated for the setup. Filling out the rest of the rig was the 780D streaming DAC ($15k), 802S Power Supply ($8k) and and 850P Pre ($30k) so the delicate sounds of the room don’t come cheap, but certainly where staged to impress.

The new amp incorporates a one piece aluminum heat sink that are made in the same fashion racing engines are manufactured. The intent here is to pull heat away as fast as possible, so it never overheats under any circumstances, even some of the audio circuitry is mounted directly onto the heatsink itself. The new flagship offer quite few fancy specs for the pinnacle product – the speaker connections are even plated in rhodium. You can see more of the guts and features direct from Lionel in the video below.



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  • I heard this amplifier last Thursday at Hanson in Dayton, Ohio.

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