Audeze Expands the Line with the Sine DX

The Sine is Audeze’s on-ear headphone for the masses. With distribution channels in Apple stores the closed-back can runs the mainstream jog a bit more thoroughly than lets say.. the LCD-4 does. But that doesn’t mean the company isn’t looking to fill things out in proper order for those with more audiophile inclinations. The new guy at CanJam was an open back variant of the Apple-friendly headphone. The driver actually is the same, as is most of the outward construct. Its name? Sine deluxe. Or DX for short.

Its compatible with the lighting cable that all of the Apple-distributed headphones ship with, but its love is more directly appropriated towards the headphone enthusiast. CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram hasn’t forgotten about the enthusiast crowd, not even a little. The new headphone will see a limited release, available through preorder at the company site. Its release is “a test of sorts” says Sankar. The preorder starts next week and ships shortly thereafter. We were blown away by the original Sine, so it may be easy to conclude that the new phone might be even better given in openness state. The new Sine DX will retail for $599 when it goes on sale.

While we may have concluded that Audeze is one of the leading innovators in the field more than once in our reviews of their products, it continues to be a factor even down to the smallest detail with their headphones. With new open-back iSines In-Ears shipping out, Audeze took a long look at the standard universal tip that accompanies the regular IEM fare included with the carrying case and cable. The threaded tip (or nib as AH writer Rafe Arnott refers to them) on their CanJam table was the newest and perhaps the smallest creation so far. Intended for a better seal, the slight variation to the fit worked quite well on the noisy show floor. My preference still leans towards the comfort of a custom fit, but perhaps the universal-to-custom company Snugs will make a pair for the iSines and sweet silicone sauciness will ensue. The new tips will ship with all new iSines and will also be available from the company site in an accessories pack.

More on the new Sine DX from Sankar himself in the embed below.

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