Beryllium Drivers for $300

Periodic Audio is relatively new on the scene, but they are looking to make a big splash with their element-driven, tightly-targeted product line. Their three universal fit IEMs are nearly identical in form and function except for the driver material which comes in Magnesium, Titanium and Beryllium options. While the first two may not striking brand new ground, Be is certainly making waves with its ridged construction and success in the personal audio realm via the well-received Focal Utopia last year.

What is even more surprising is the price. While the Be-adorned Utopia came into the market at a flagship $4k price point, the new Periodic Audio piece comes in at a swanky $299. At $300 the new earpiece isn’t the cheapest IEM ever built, but it is certainly not the most expensive either. With all three models on display at CanJam, it was easy to discern an increase in overall quality from the Be (especially in the treble region) and offered up a lot of competitive potential, even without a direct comparison.

The booth at the show had a tight demo partnered with a Channel Islands Audio VDA-2 DAC and VHP-2 headphone amplifier that provided an interesting and robust back end for the sometimes hard to manage IEM+Amplifier relationship. Its good to see something relatively fresh and focused enter the every-expanding market of IEMs. The approach here is a little shifted, a little more centered around an individual idea than many single dynamic driver efforts coming out of remote countries abroad or from China.

The Periodic Audio crew was represented in full force for the show, sharing roots in audio that extend to Sonos, Blue Microphones and more.  Designer Daniel Wiggins sat down with us to add some more color to the company’s story.

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