The Weekend Update – Photography and HiFi

Of all the hobbies or interests that share the biggest portion of the venn diagram with audiophilia, photography could arguably grab the biggest chunk. While performance cars, cigars, spicy brown liquors, watches and any number of luxury goods may play a part in an hifi enthusiasts life, the capturing of still life perhaps runs the closest parallel to the wonderment and awe encompassed in raising the reproduction of audio to an art form. The relationship is not lost on the audiophile press either. While the human form offers an nearly unlimited amount of opportunity for creative expression, a static silver or black box offers a unique challenge to the visual artist looking to create something that delivers even a hint of inspiration. Two artists of both categories are currently throwing in their hand into the ring to offer up a view from their perspective of the world via Instagram.

First up is John Darko of Digital Audio Review (DAR). His recent move from the land down under to Berlin has given followers of the feed a rare look into the process of setting up a new room, residence and life in a new city as an audiophile. His straightforward documentary-style product shots of nearly everything audio that crosses his path is an interesting contrast to his almost romantic take on European architecture and landscape. Pepper in the lyrics from songs far off the mainstream and you have a nice check in to add to your morning coffee break.

New to the Instagram scene but no stranger to the hobby, PartTimeAudiophile and AudioHead contributor Rafe Arnott provides a nostalgic peek into high end audio’s acoustic subjects. Under the handle audiophile.gentleman, Rafe takes his followers on a visual journey filled with finely constructed angles, razor sharp selective focus and plenty of chiaroscuro.  While many of his images are like the digital reincarnation of an audiophile dream, the few portraits he includes are usually well-framed moments of constructed solace or non-intrusive vantage points to casual still life – a optical fly on the wall with a great view. The intersection of both hobbies here make for a follow as well, or a reason to download the app for the first time.

Those of you who would like to partake in a little friendly photo competition, owners of the HiFiMAN HE-1000 (ver. 1 or 2) can currently send in up to two images of the headphone for a chance to win an EF6 headphone amplifier ($1,599 USD). Entries will be accepted between 2/25 and 4/25. Full rules and entry parameters are in the Facebook post embed below.