Noble Audio’s Budget EDC Series & Black Friday Event

Luxury IEM maker Noble Audio is branching out in a way they haven’t really done before. The high-end, BA-centered custom earphone company has expanded into universal fit and speciality materials in the recent past, but never into the budget realm as close as the new EDC line will.

The new series of universal fit IEMs (which stands for Every Day Carry) will launch with the Velvet ($120). This original entry level piece will don an all new 5.8mm dynamic driver from Noble with an aluminum housing. For the mobile consumer, the cable includes in line controls and a microphone for the 3.5mm terminated connection. Early bird buyers will even be able to cash in on a launch discount of 20% ($96 retail) when the new earphone goes on sale this week.

To complement the launch Noble is also starting the Black Friday specials a little early with a 72 hour event starting today (Nov. 17) through Sunday. The sale drops the 20% discount on top of all of the company’s universal fit IEMs plus a free legacy Savant model ($599 value) for anyone who purchases one of the flagship Katana or Kaiser Encore pieces.

More info: Noble Audio Website