Detroit-Based Shinola Audio Announces Four New Headphones

Its been long rumored and finally confirmed, Shinola is moving into the headphone business. As part of an expansion to their “Audio Goods” offerings (which already include the Runwell Turntable and Bookshelf speakers) four pairs of properly separated and paced earphones and headphones will hit the market this holiday season, spanning nearly all the major categories of personal audio.

Even better, the Canfield Headphone Collection partnered with ALO/Campfire Audio for the IEMs, which have produced some really great pieces since breaking into the market just a few years ago. Landing near the $500 and $200 tiers, the Canfield “Pro” IEM sports 4 BA drivers with the more standard variant making use of the growing popularity for Beryllium as a transducer material.

On-ear and around-the-ear options include 40mm and 50mm dynamic drivers, respectively. The two models are spaced out by only a mere $100 difference ($495 vs $595). And upgrade to black PVD can be had for both models for $55 more.

The pair of full size headphones will become available this month, while their little brethren are due out in December. Hit the page flip for more photos and specs straight from the press release.